Automating Software Testing

What is Involved in Automating Software Product Testing

Using testing automation tools.

"Appium", is a softare test automation framework for smartphone software which, among other capabilities, assists in checking results and capturing evidential screen shots.


Properly using automated software testing lets us speed up testing processes and produce the following benefits:

  1. Faster and More Extensive Testing

    In contrast to manual software testing, Automated Testing allows for many more tests to be conducted simultaneously and helps improve product quality.

  2. Improved Accuracy

    Automated Operation and Calculation related testing processes help improve software quality by reducing human error.

  3. CI (Continuous Integration) improves sofware quality

    Early detection and problem rectification improved by combining automated build and testing with Appium's CI processes.


Create Test Scenarios

  • Regression test
  • OS/Device dependent testing
  • Stress Testing

Automatic execution


The Future of Automated Testing

Automating testing while simultaneously developing the application is cost effective and improves problem detection. Doing this helps us more effectively provide one-stop application design, implementation and testing.