MIT and FinTech

“FinTech” is catching more people's attention.

FinTech refers to a trend; using information technology to provide new financial services. FinTech allows greater efficiency in the following financial services:

Home Accounting / Personal Finance

Automated Home Accounting

Personal Finance


Connected Insurance

“Sharing Economy” Insurance

Funding / Lending

P2P Lending


Accounting / Business Support

Cloud Accounting

Investment/Asset Management

Social Trading

Algorithm Trading


Payment / Remittance

SNS Payment

P2P International Remittances


Virtual Currencies (i.e. Bitcoin)

     MIT is researching.

Smartphones with “always-on” internet access are a very important terminals for FinTech services.

Ever since the introduction of iPhones in Japan, MIT has been committed to original smartphone software R&D and development emphasizing features and a sophisticated user experience.

MIT is currently committed to R&D in these FinTech areas.
Bitcoin Trading
Technical Chart
Forex trading using VR technologies

Our Technical Charts

Progressive Chart

Progressive Chart is based on new generation technologies which reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • Powerful HTML5 Charts

    One application for all financial instruments & devices.

    • Cross browsers (including Chrome, Safari & Firefox)
    • Almost all Mobile Devices
    • Global and domestic data (Stocks, Indices, Indices futures & options, Bonds futures & options, Commodities futures, CFDs)
  • Multiple Function Integration

    Charts integrate trade execution along with position & account information, economic indices and news.

  • Powerful Web Application

    For the organization requiring sophistication and power online, we provide our browser application which allows online maintenance as well as program modifications during service hours to reduce deployment and maintenance costs.

Auto Cruise Terminal

New-generation Algorithmic Trading Tool
  • 3,000 Strategies Included

    System trading techniques using technical analysis are called “Strategies”. Users can easily start by selecting from among 3,000 pre-set strategies to fit their investment style.

  • Automatic Parameter Setting Assistant

    Strategy parameters are optimized weekly to produce the best strategy for current market trends.

  • Disclosed Strategies

    All strategy parameters in Auto Cruise, including technical analyses, combinations, parameter optimization techniques and back test results, are disclosed to the user. There is no “black box”.

  • Customized Strategies

    Users can create their own Strategies (no programming knowledge necessary) and then Back and Forward Test them. Included is an automatic parameter setting assistant.